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The Falcon13 Peregrines released in the Pembina Valley 2011.

We are hoping that they will return again each summer to add to our wonderful diversity of bird population.

The Peregrine falcon is reviled only by the osprey for the range of its global distribution among birds of prey. Its name comes from the Latin peregrinus meaning “to wander”. Only the female is call a falcon. The male is known as a tiercel. The Peregrine has been the preferred bird of prey among falconers for more than 3,000 years because of its spectacular high-speed dives. Considered on of the fastest animals on earth, its dive speed can exceed 200 mph (320 kph). Peregrines hunt smaller birds, including songbirds and pigeons, at dawn and at dusk when prey is most active. In the wild, Peregrines seek high perches to better view their prey. They are increasingly found in cities where they perch on skyscrapers, churches and bridges. They are welcomed at airports where they scare other birds away.

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